About Reichel & Plesser

Who We Are

We are a full service criminal defense and civil litigation firm. We handle select cases to concentrate all of our considerable efforts to help you.

Mark and Steve first met in 1991 when employed at the end of law school with the Office of the Federal Public Defender in Sacramento, both trying as many misdemeanor federal criminal cases as they could, fighting the "smaller" federal criminal misdemeanors. They invented unique litigation strategies and enjoyed working together. With law school over and with families to raise, Mark went on to a distinguished career with the Federal Public Defender, and Steve went over to state court to try criminal cases with amazing success. Steve worked in San Joaquin, Placer and Sacramento Counties handling major criminal cases, including homicides. Mark handled complex federal cases, like terrorism charges and large scale drug and fraud charges throughout the Sacramento Valley in federal court. The entire time, the two buddies remained best friends. They always talked about their cases and their respective offices, and helped each other out. Mark and Steve knew someday they'd join up again to relive their "glory days" as young lawyers full of bright energy, optimism and support for each other. This time around, with years more experience.


That time came in May of 2010.

What We Do

The Law Office of Mark Reichel represents persons charged with criminal offenses throughout the State of California, those accused of federal criminal offenses nationwide, as well as civil litigants. Attorney Mark Reichel has nearly twenty years of experience in fighting for the rights of criminal defendants and civil litigants. As a Sacramento criminal lawyer, his expertise includes federal criminal charges, environmental or health care fraud, individual concerns such as sexual misconduct, internet related matters, crimes of violence and alcohol or drug related allegations. 

What You Get

Now, when a client hires the firm, they get two of the most experienced attorneys around, an almost combined 40 years of state and federal criminal defense. The two attorneys personally know about and work each case together, discussing and analyzing at all times what is best for this client.

Their skills are best used in litigation, and the team they have assembled is perfect for providing quality litigation representation. Two skilled investigators and excellent computer support personnel bring a focused and high tech performance in court. Their performances are always persuasive.

Practice Areas

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Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorneys

Practice Areas

Our firm's Sacramento criminal lawyers offer federal and state criminal legal defense services for a variety of criminal acts including:

We also protect your legal rights with excellent civil litigation.

Medical Marijuana

Our firm provides full service legal representation to the medical marijuana industry. Our firm represents several of the most reputable medical marijuana collectives in the region, as well as various medical marijuana industry trade associations, medical marijuana growers, and medical marijuana management and consulting firms.

With our extensive experience in both state and federal criminal courts, we consult with our clients to assist them in understanding and complying with California's medical marijuana laws and the Attorney General's Guidelines. We provide legal assistance with all aspects of their business, including incorporation and drafting of business documents, contracts and agreements, site inspection, litigation, and government relations. We have successfully advocated on behalf of our medical marijuana dispensary clients in Sacramento, Chico, Stockton, and Eureka.