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Mark Reichel is a former Assistant Federal Defender who has argued before the United States Supreme Court. With over twenty years of criminal defense experience in both State and Federal courts, Mark is uniquely qualified to handle any criminal case. Mark is a committed defense attorney (not former prosecutors) who has dedicated his career to one goal that we believe in with all our heart - fighting for the accused.


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What We Do

We take on the government and advocate for the result you want. We review police reports/discovery, investigate the case, and defend you in court. We provide the kind of guidance and advice only years of experience can offer. If you've been charged, we've got your back. We help lead you through all stages of the criminal justice process, from bail hearings, to negotiations to pre-trial motions to jury trial if necessary. Whether it be a dismissal, a favorable plea bargain, or an acquittal at trial, we focus on results. We also provide representation to clients under investigation, and recipients of target letters or subpoenas. We stand between you and the government and fight to prevent charges from being filed. Contact us early to make sure your rights are protected. We also represent clients in civil cases, protecting their rights in civil litigation.

What You Get

When you hire Mark Reichel you get the toughest, most dedicated, and experienced criminal defense lawyers working for you. You get the benefit of his reputation for excellence and experience in successfully fighting for the accused. You, and your family, get peace of mind knowing that your important case is in skilled hands, that our advice is based on experience, and that your goal is our fight. You get the resources of a defense team that includes top-notch investigators with years of experience working up complex cases, from white-collar and fraud charges to homicides, narcotics, assault, and sex offenses; a defense team that works with information technology and forensic consultants to help prepare your case and take on the government's evidence.

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Practice Areas

The Law Office of Mark Reichel represents persons charged with criminal offenses throughout the State of California, those accused of federal criminal offenses nationwide, as well as civil litigants.

Attorney Mark Reichel has over twenty years of experience in fighting for the rights of criminal defendants and civil litigants. As a Sacramento criminal lawyer, his expertise includes federal criminal charges, environmental or health care fraud, individual concerns such as sexual misconduct, internet related matters, crimes of violence and alcohol or drug related allegations.

With extensive experience in high profile cases, Mark will provide you with aggressive representation for your legal matter. Mark Reichel offers federal and state criminal legal defense services for a variety of criminal acts including:

Our firm also handles civil litigation in the Sacramento region.