Picnic Day Five Appear in Yolo County Court

Mark is representing Elijah Williams, one of five individuals charged over an incident during Picnic Day in Davis.

Prosecutors in Yolo County claim Williams was caught on camera hitting a police officer twice, something Mark said isn’t supported by any evidence he’s reviewed.


“The only evidence that we’ve seen…comes from a dashcam video from a civilian who happened to be following and on the scene,” Mark said. “We’re anxiously awaiting any other [evidence] that may exist.”

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UPDATE: The felony case against Williams and four other suspects were completely dismissed in December 2018, according to a report by the Davis Enterprise.

In Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva Case, Evidence Isn’t What It Appears to Be

Mark went on CBS13 and KPIX 5 to discuss a surreptitious recording used in the criminal case against Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva:

Mark and co-counsel Allen Sawyer said an audio recording between teenagers at a camp where Silva was a counselor was not only accidental but captured activity prior to Silva’s presence in the room.

“What we have learned through the complete audio recordings is that the game was occurring prior to Mayor Silva being present,” Allen said.

“We have never, ever even thought or considered contemplating charging someone with a crime for bad judgment,” Mark said. “One person’s judgment can be good, another person’s judgment can be considered bad.”

Both Mark and Allen said they felt evidence was being distorted in the case to smear Silva in an attempt to remove him as mayor, CBS13’s Drew Bollea reported.

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