“I could not more highly recommend an attorney to anyone than Mark Reichel. I hired Mark in 2003 and my case finished in 2009. He never ever gave up. Ever. He fought to get me out on bail when no one else would. He filed so many different motions in federal court to suppress the evidence in my case that the judge issued an order directing the clerk’s office to not accept any more. Mark still fought. We won in the appellate court, and the federal prosecutors with the Department of Justice were so mad that they took it to the U.S. Supreme Court. Mark, by himself, kept on fighting tirelessly, spending literally hundreds of unpaid hours researching the original history of the Fourth Amendment to our Constitution. We went back down to the appellate court in San Francisco, and Mark kept fighting and fighting. We then came back down to the original trial judge who heard everything in 2003 and 2004 and he agreed with Mark’s arguments about what little was left of my case. Mark spent 6 years of his life so I would not have to spend one day in jail. My wife and sons and I could never repay him for that. That is Mark Reichel.”
– Jeff Grubbs
Sacramento, CA

As a first time offender, I was scared, confused, and clueless as to what to do to get myself out of the mess I created. Between my family and some friends, we began to research and consider choosing an attorney. We knew that this decision would be critical to ensuring the best results in my case. Steve was a God-send! We were lucky to be referred to him and when we met him everything about him made it clear that he was the man for the job. Mind you, its not an easy decision to make. Steve’s clearly, confidently, communicated with us about what the case, helping bring peace to a tremendously stressful situation and showed genuine care to my family. Throughout the process of court appearances and finally to my plea date, Steve was a constant calm in the midst of my storm and helped me to get to be on home detention from a situation that could have had me away from my infant son and family for more than 10 years. Even after the plea, Steve has continued to show care and concern for my family when I have had to ask him about things post court. As a new mom and wife, words cannot express the gratitude we have for Steve. In one word, he worked a miracle.
– Michele

“When my nephew was charged with a “three strikes” case and was looking at life in prison, Steve never gave up. He treated everyone in our family with courtesy and respect, kept in constant contact with us, and seemed genuinely concerned about our feelings and my nephew’s well-being. He was very skilled in the courtroom and turned a case that nobody thought was winnable into acquittals. My nephew is a free man and back on track in life solely because of Steve’s amazing work.”
– Glenn Jones
San Francisco, CA

“Steve Plesser never doubted my innocence and always had my back. In spite of the fact that three eyewitnesses, one of whom was a police officer, said they saw me commit the crime just a few moments before I was arrested, Steve never recommended I take a deal. He left no stones unturned in his investigation and demolished the prosecution’s case during trial. His cross-exam of the witnesses and use of expert witness testimony was really effective. He got the jury to see the case our way and the jury acquitted me of all charges.”
– Chili Garcia
Sacramento, CA